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Static-99R Refresher Training

Instructor Name: Richard “Bo” Travis, SAARNA Static-99R Trainer

Date and Time:
Wednesday May 29 2024, 2pm – 3pm Eastern Daylight Time (1 hour)

Exclusive event for SAARNA Static-99R Users and Trainers (FREE).

Cost: $0.00

Description of Event:
Attend this event to refine your understanding of convictions, sentencing dates, clusters, and index offenses when scoring the Nonsexual Violence and Sentencing Dates items from Static-99R. Although the coding rules usually provide sufficient guidance, there are some offence histories where the coding rules are open to alternate interpretations, even among expert scorers. Consequently, SAARNA has provided additional guidance for scoring the non-sexual violence and prior sentencing dates items – available at https://saarna.org/static-99/.

This one-hour training will increase your confidence in coding these items in complex cases.

This presentation will benefit Individuals who are qualified to use the Static-99R and have experience in scoring the instrument when evaluating individuals who have been charged or convicted of sexual offenses. The training assumes basic understanding of The Static-99R Coding Rules Revised – 2016 (Phenix, Fernandez, Harris, Helmus, Hanson, & Thornton, 2016/2017).

Price: $0.00
This event is restricted to SAARNA registered Static-99R Users and Trainers (local or independent).

Notes for Participants:
Training delivered via Zoom.

Date May 29, 2024
Duration 1 hour
Start Time 2:00PM Eastern Daylight Time
Static-99R Perk Free to SAARNA Static-99R Users and Trainers
Price $0.00
This product can only be purchased by members.

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