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This site is dedicated to the community of users of actuarial risk/need tools for assessing the recidivism risk of individuals in the criminal justice and forensic mental health systems

Welcome to SAARNA, the Society for the Advancement of Actuarial Risk Need Assessment. On this site you will find resources for evaluators using the Static-99R, Static-2002R, STABLE-2007, ACUTE-2007, and Risk Matrix-2000 recidivism risk tools. Resources for additional tools may be added in the future. Many of the resources are publicly available on this site. There are, however, additional resources only available to individuals who pay the nominal fee (CAN $25/year) for SAARNA Affiliate or scale User status. Additionally, Certified Trainers who pay the trainer fee (CAN $75/year) may access trainer materials.

Click here for a list of benefits available to SAARNA Affiliate, scale Users and Certified Trainer subscribers.

Currently, the site supports the Static-99R, Static-200R, STABLE-2007, ACUTE-2007, and Risk Matrix – 2000 risk tools. Additional risk tools may be added in the future.

The site contains resources for individuals who are users and Certified Trainers of these instruments. It also contains general information about the risk tools that should be of interest to administrators interested in implementing these risk tools in their setting (SAARNA Affiliates). The site includes lists of Certified Trainers and Master Trainers (those who can train trainers). The public information may also be of interest to individuals assessed by these risk tools and their support networks.

Coding questions for Static-99R, Static-2002R, and RM-2000 may be submitted to Dr. Yolanda Fernandez HERE. Questions on STABLE-2007 and ACUTE-2007 may be submitted to Dr. Anton Schweighofer and Dr. Geris Serran HERE. Please consult the coding manual and FAQs prior to submission. Routine questions are typically answered within a week.  Complex questions will be referred to a group of experts for discussion and a response will be forwarded to the requestor as quickly as possible. Please be aware that discussions occur on volunteer time and given the busy schedules of those involved, it may take weeks before a response is provided. We appreciate your patience.

Veuillez envoyer les questions en français sur la Statique-99R, STABLE-2007, et AIGU-2007 à Dr. Ian Barsetti ICI ou Dr. Marie-Helene Dufresne ICI.