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VRAG-R Training (Oceania Timezones)

Instructor Name: Brian Judd, PhD
Instructor Email Address: [email protected]

Date and Time:
Tuesday December 5, 10am-2pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time (4 hours)
Wednesday December 6, 10am-2pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time (4 hours)

Cost: $350
Discount for SAARNA Affiliates: $70 (See NOTE below.)
Discount for students: $210   (Please complete this form for approval as a student participant.)

(NOTE: You MUST log into your account to register and get the discount at checkout. If you are joining SAARNA for the discount, please register as an Affiliate or User and then wait until your SAARNA account is activated before registering for this event. You will receive one email with a receipt for your SAARNA Affiliate registration and then a 2nd email when your account is manually approved and activated. Please wait for this 2nd email before registering for this event.)

Description of Event:
Participants in this training will learn about the development, scoring, and interpretation of the VRAG-R. We will discuss the applicability of the VRAG-R for assessment of future risk for violent recidivism in men with a history of non-violent and violent (including sexually violent) offending. Additionally, we will discuss risk communication strategies to be utilized with retaining agencies and triers of fact. Participants will also learn prorating techniques and adjustment of risk estimates based upon time at liberty in the community. Recent cross-validation and calibration studies predominantly conducted in Europe and Canada with independent samples of adult male and older juvenile offenders will also be discussed. This is a didactic training in which participants will have the opportunity to complete 3 to 4 cases in the course of the 8-hour training as well as the opportunity for post-training certification.

Individuals are most likely to benefit from this training if they have some knowledge of individuals who commit violent and sexual offences. The training also assumes basic familiarity with the criminal justice system and related terms.

Notes for Participants:
Training delivered via Zoom across 2 days (8 hours total)

Maximum number of seats: 30

Note that the posted time is in Australian Eastern time. If you are in North America, the training will be during the EVENINGS of Dec. 4 and 5th – you will need to confirm the correct time in your time zone (note that Australian clocks jump forward on Oct. 1 and most parts of North America fall back in November). 

Note: Please sign up using the email address of the person ATTENDING the talk so they can receive important announcements (e.g., Zoom link, training materials). 

Electronic versions of training materials (scoring manuals, exercises, etc.) will be made available to participants by email shortly prior to the start of the training.

Date December 5, 2023
Duration 8 hours
Start Time 10:00AM Australian Eastern Daylight Time
Affiliate Perk $70.00 Discount
Student Perk $210.00 Discount
Seats Available 9
Price $350.00

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