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Statistics and Probability for SAARNA Trainers #2: Evaluating Calibration with the E/O Index

Actuarial risk tools inform both relative risk (is Mr. Smith higher risk than Mr. Jones?) and absolute risk (what is the likelihood that Mr. Smith will reoffend sexually?).  When a risk tool accurately assesses absolute recidivism rates, it is said to be well calibrated.  In practice, calibration is assessed by comparing the recidivism rate norms for a risk tool to the recidivism rates observed in replication studies.  A useful statistic for describing calibration is the E/O index.  This session will explain how to calculate and interpret the E/O index, with a specific focus on its application to Static-99R and Static-2002R replication studies.  Bring a calculator.

Prerequisites: Participants must be local or independent SAARNA Certified Trainers. 

Instructor: R. Karl Hanson, Ph.D., C.Psych

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Noon to 1:00 PM, Eastern Time Zone, UTC/GMT – 4 hours

Electronic versions of training materials (slides, readings) will be available approximately one week prior to the start of the training.

The training will be delivered via Zoom.

About the Instructor: Karl Hanson, Ph.D., C.Psych, is President of SAARNA and one of the leading researchers in the field of sexual recidivism risk assessment. He is author of Prediction statistics for psychological assessment (2022).

Date May 26, 2022
Duration 1 hour
Start Time 12:00PM EASTERN TIME ZONE, UTC/GMT - 4 hrs
Seats Available 80
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