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How to Use Multiple Actuarial Instruments in Risk Assessment

SAARNA currently supports several static actuarial risk assessment instruments (Static-99R, Static-2002R, BARR-2002R, Risk Matrix 2000 S & V). Both of the presenters routinely use multiple instruments in their own practice. This presentation briefly summarizes evidence on the different scales’ reliability, validity, and relevance to different outcomes. There are good arguments in favor of using multiple static actuarial instruments but doing so poses significant challenges. The most serious of which is how to make sense of cases where different instruments yield materially different results. Different strategies for integrating the results will be explained and their strengths and weaknesses discussed.

This free event will be presented by David Thornton and Maaike Helmus

Tuesday June 14, 2022

2:00PM to 3:00PM Central Time Zone (1 hour), UTC/GMT -5 hours


Date June 14, 2022
Duration 1 hour
Start Time 2:00 Central Time Zone, UTC/GMT -5 hrs
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